Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do you own a Kenmore Elite 5-Quart Stand Mixer?

Since Sidney was diagnoised with Alopecia three years ago, I have been trying hard to make all of our food from scratch. The doctor's have found no link between alopecia and the food you eat, but I figured it couldn't hurt us to eat better foods. One thing I have noticed is that I spend a lot more time in the kitchen....A LOT. I've wanted a Kenmore Stand Mixer for years, but haven't been able to fork over the money...but while looking at one of my favorite blogs I noticed a giveaway! You can head on over to and enter to win one! If you are spending waaayyy too much time in your kitchen like I am, this would be a very great addition to your kitchen!

I should add, that since changing our eating habits, Sidney has had some hair growth, but when he runs a fever, his T-cells attack his hair follicles and his hair falls out all over again. While he is otherwise a healthy, well adjusted boy, the loss of his hair at such an early age has been an adjustment for our entire family. We are very thankful that he is healthy and hope that he keeps his happy smile always!

Check out the giveaway here:
Enter to win a Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer on Dear Crissy!

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