Sunday, February 27, 2011

Old Time Candy Giveaway!!!

Do you have a favorite old time candy from your childhood? I can remember being a kid and my mom or dad stopping at the gas station and I would beg and beg to get some candy. The occasional time they allowed it, I would always get the Candy Ciggaretts so I could look like mom and dad smoking. (Yes, I know very bad...but what can I say?!! I was a kid!) Well, those things quickly went off the market, and I'm thankful to say I never smoked a real ciggaret...but did you know you can still buy the Candy Ciggaretts?!! Yep! Over at Old Time Candy! Right now Frugal & Fabulous is having a great Old Time Candy giveaway! One of her lucky readers will win a decade box! You really need to enter!! Head on over here and do it now!!!

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