Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Quick Introduction!

I am new to the blogging world, but I have a lot to share. I am a mother to the best little boy in the world! His name is Sidney and he is five. We recently pulled him out of private school, where he attended kindergarten and started homeschooling him. It is an amazing experience! It is so much fun seeing him learn new things every day. He is my best friend, and such a unique little boy. At times, this blog will touch on our homeschooling experiences.

I am also a bargain shopper. This started about six years ago when I was pregnant with my little boy. I felt like I needed to do more to "earn" my keep and contribute to our growing family. I love looking for deals and finding the lowest prices on things. It is so much fun!!! If you are looking for great deals, start here...I'll help you find them!

I am originally from Arkansas and have lived in Tennessee for a little over three years. I am trying to get back where I Arkansas. There are a lot of GREAT stores in Tennessee, and I'll post the deals as I can find them.

Thanks for reading!

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